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    With newly interior decoration and modern atmosphere, Moon Hotel provides a graceful, delicated and quiet place for travellers to rest.
    You have no need to worry about getting lost or difficult to get here. It takes only 10~15 minutes walking from MRT Zhongshan station to Moon Hotel. Also, there is a shopping area near Zhongshan station. Once you out of the station entrance, you'll see department stores and venders. Such a good place for shopping and traveling!
    We are trained to treat our guests as our family, so enjoy your stay in Moon Hotel..
  No.122, Sec. 1, Xinsheng N. Rd., Zhongshan District, Taipei City 104, Taiwan     http://www.moonhotel.com.tw
TEL:+886-2-2561-7400     FAX:+886-2-2521-3309    e-mail
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