【Reminder of Anti-fraud】
‘’ and the ‘hotels’ would not ask the tourists to cancel the function of direct debit through ATM with any reasons, nor would they inform you to change the payment conditions because you accidentally set up the account by installment. They would not ask you to provide information regarding your credit card, bank account or offer the customer service hotline of your bank/credit card, either. Please be aware and don't be cheated! If you have any questions, please call Reservations of the hotel directly..

From now on, valet parking (one car per room limit) will be charged at $ 100. Upon check-in, the counter will be charged together with the accommodation fee! (One charge only)The parking space is limited to stop!



Taipei The Moon Hotel
住 宿 房 價 表
                                  房型                                                房價                             
                            Room Tape                                   Room Rate               
                        豪華套房                                         NT3400                        
                           Deluxe room
                        商務套房                                         NT3600                        
                           Business room
          話:+886 2-25213301
          真:+886 2-25213309




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